Press Report 12-11-16

A great day at the office!

12 November V  Mets ll          Edinburgh ll     Edinburgh Jets

Men V Mets ll

It was a good day home and away for both Dundee sides last Saturday in the National Leagues Division l.  The men had a home game in Craigie High School with Glasgow Mets ll the visitors. The Mets side were without a win and started well with a series of jump serves causing problems for the home side.  They raced to a 7/1 lead.  The Dundee attack was struggling to function and managed to score only 8 points out of the 17 then amassed losing the set 17/25!  The set was riddled with mistakes from both sides and it was the home side that sorted out the problem and moved quickly to an 18/3 lead in the second set.  Jamie Salvin helped with a run of deep serves that the Mets side had difficulty with allowing Barry Millar and Oz Dowie to control the net and score points with their block.  The errors that appeared in the Dundee attack had little impact on the score and despite handing over 7 points in errors, Dundee took the set 25/8.

Dundee’s left side attack was functioning with more efficiency and with Mike Coward and Jamie Salvin both scoring well.  Colin McEvoy weighed in with several big hits and Dundee took the set 25/17.  The home side introduced Craig Goldthorp for his debut and continued to dominate the game.  Goldthorp, Coward and mark Donnachie all scored with big hits and the scoreboard ticked over quickly to 19/10 for the home side.  A run of points took the score to match point and the final scoring hit from Lewis Crockart gave the set and game to Dundee 25/11.


Ladies v City of Edinburgh ll

The ladies side had an early start in Edinburgh against City of Edinburgh ll and wasted no time in establishing an early lead from the Natasha Melville service. Lucy Wishart and Hannah Lawrie helped take the score to 18/12 and then the Lawrie service finished off the set.  Several big serves caused problems for the young Edinburgh side and Dundee won the set 25/11.  The power continued from the Dundee side with Sarah Driscoll and Lana Edgar both scoring big points as Dundee took the second set 25/18.  The die was cast and Lucy Wishart served a run of serves to take a 14/10 lead and with Natasha Melville’s serve helping the Driscoll, Edgar and Lucy Scouller front line the game was won 3/0 with a 25/14 win in the third set.


Ladies v Edinburgh Jets

Next up for the Dundee side in their triangular fixture was Edinburgh Jets.  The home side took an early 4/2 lead but Sarah Driscoll and Hannah Lawrie controlled the net and 3 runs of points gave Dundee the opening set 25/12.  The Jets side changed their line up and both sides traded points in the second set.  Neither side could establish any great lead and the scores were tied at 17/17.  Lucy Wishart’s service allowed Natasha Melville and Hannah Lawrie to take the score to 23/17 and then to win the set 25/19.  A strong attacking line of Driscoll, Lana Edgar and Lucy Wishart allowed setter Lucy Scouller to use their power to take the score to 18/8 in the third set. Jets had no resistance and the victory was completed winning 25/15 to lift the Dundee side into the top four position in the league.