League win for promotion to Premier League

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Dundee’s ladies side pulled off an amazing win last Saturday with a 3/0 over undefeated NUVOC. The Edinburgh side was a clear favourite to win and take the Women’s League One title. Both sides traded points with safe serves and cautious attacking and the scores were tied at 12/12. Two quick points from Nicki McKenzie gave Dundee a 16/14 lead. A run of 5 points against saw the score move in NUVOC’s favour at 19/17. Emma Clarkson stepped up to the service line and her serve disrupted the home attack and Dundee moved to 24/19 with powerful counter attacking. It was a tense final few minutes, but Dundee took the 27/25 win to start a major upset.

With all the momentum in their favour, Dundee stormed to a 10/5 lead in the second set with scores from McKenzie, Agnes Bednarek and Sarah Driscoll.  Hannah Lawrie added points to move from 19/14 to set point at 24/15. A swift quick hit won the set 25/15.

The pace was relentless from the visitors with Laura Ward, Bednarek, Clarkson and Lawrie all scoring 2 points each to move to 21/18. There was a brief show of resistance from NUVOC as they closed the score to 23/21 but Dundee’s power hitter Sarah Driscoll won the set 25/21 and match 3/0. This promotion battle sees Dundee move into the Premier League next season. Captain Nicki McKenzie received the trophy from SVA representative, Bill Stobie.

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