Two cup wins secure seeding for ‘Pot 1’ for men’s side

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It was men’s Scottish Cup action last Saturday in Craigie High School with a triangular fixture
involving hosts Dundee and Forza Ragazzi and Aberdeen Thunder from League One.
The two visiting sides fought out an entertaining opening game with Forza proving too strong and
powerful for the Thunder side. It was youth versus experience and the young Forza side took the
first set 25/20 with some ease. Their confidence grew and the second set was secured 25/18.
Despite Thunder using their substitutes to freshen up their attack, they were unable to upset the
Glasgow side and lost the third set 18/25.
Dundee then took on Thunder and immediately stamped their mark on the game. They raced to a
10/3 lead with Lewis Crockart and Tony Gadzhev both scoring 4 points. Gadzhev then turned sinner
as he gave up 2 points in errors as Thunder closed to 7/11. That was as good as it got for the visitors
as Dundee stormed through the rest of the set winning 25/10, with a run of 8 points on the back of
the service of Lewis Goor.
The second set was more of the same with Dundee winning runs of points and then surrendering
them with errors. Dundee took the set 25/17 with Thunder only scoring 5 of their points! The home
side refocused and a run of 9 points from the service of Sam Jones and then 5 scores from Bart
Zywert from the left side of the court gave Dundee the set 25/9 with Dundee giving 8 points away in
mistakes with some sloppy play.
Next up were Forza and the momentum that the home side had continued, as they blew the young
side away winning 25/12. Again, Crockart and Gadzhev were the main points scorers and Forza
gave up points as they were intimidated by the speed of the Dundee game.
A run of 5 points for the youngsters gave them an 8/4 lead in set two. Dundee’s attack responded
and closed the gap, took the lead at 18/15 and continued to the end of the set. Zywert and Sam
Jones again held the trump cards as they served and hit in a counterattack to win the set 25/20.

Forza fought bravely in the third set, and it was their service which started to cause Dundee’s attack
to falter. Untidy attacks allowed them to stay close on the scoreboard until Gadzhev scored 4 service
‘aces’ and their resistance crumbled, with Dundee winning the set 25/20 for their second 3/0 of the

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