Young Cale West Side have No Answer to Stopowska

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The next game was Dundee against hosts, Caledonia West ll. The young home side showed their inexperience as the visitors raced to a 12/5 lead, with Lana Edgar gaining 6 points from a scoring hit and 5 serve ‘Aces’.  Scores from Natalia Stopwoska and serves from Lucy Wishart gave Dundee the opening set 25/17.  The same start was repeated in set 2 with Dundee taking a 15/9 lead.  Fate conspired against the Dundee girls as Cale West scored 2 points in succession with serves that hit the net and dropped over and onto the floor!  This disturbed Dundee’s rhythm and added frustration, giving the home side a boost and allowing them to sneak into the lead at 21/20, with Dundee still giving away points in errors.  Clair Pollock and Lana Edgar both scored to give Dundee set point at 24/23 but Cale levelled with a hitting error.  Lucy Wishart scored to give Dundee a second set point but Cale responded with 2 off-speed attacks for them to have set point. Eventually, it took a run of 3 points from Natalia Stopowska to secure the set for Dundee, winning 31/29!

The Dundee side were tiring and finding it difficult to hit with power or accuracy and allowed the young Cale side to stay close on the scoreboard.  A flurry of points from Wishart, Stopowska and 3 scores from Lana Edgar gave Dundee the set 25/20 and a 3/0 win. 

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