Big Struggle to Secure Third Win over Mets

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The men travelled west for a difficult game against Glasgow Mets, occupying bottom spot in the table and now fighting for league survival.  The opening exchanges showed little sign of nerves from the home side as the Dundee side gifted 8 points from 12 with untidy play.  The Mets’ service and enthusiasm weighed heavy on the Dundee defence and with another flurry of errors, the set was won by Mets 25/17.  Despite a change in line-up with Dave Bonnar replacing Kevin Chisholm, it was still Mets who were ahead in set 2.  Bonnar scored 2 points and the tide turned in Dundee’s favour, with Mike Coward and Oz Dowie doing the damage to score a run of points to win 25/19 and levelling the match.   With confidence and momentum, Dundee made quick work of the third set winning 25/13 through scores from Coward (5), Bonnar (6) and Rad Marinov (4).

The Mets’ spirit was broken and with the help of 8 points in errors, they accumulated 19 points but Dundee’s control gave them the set 25/19, for a 3/1 win which guaranteed a top 3 finish and a top play-off place.

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