Frustrating results in Edinburgh

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Both Dundee sides were in Edinburgh for their Premier Division NL games last Saturday. The
men took on the City of Edinburgh and the powerful home attack opened up a healthy 11/6
lead. Bartosz Zywert and Sam Jones added points to close the gap but again the home side
piled pressure from the service line to move to 23/14. Points from Jones and Zywert again
and then Lewis Crockart closed the gap to 18/23 before City took the set 25/21.
Runs of 2 and 3 points in the second set gave the home side the advantage as Dundee
struggled to find gaps in the home defence. Lewis Crockart and Bartosz Zywert were the big
scorers for Dundee, but it was only single side-out points. City were winning 2 and 3 points
in a row and were ahead 17/12. At last short runs of points for Dundee with Craig Goldthorp
and Kamil Mazurek both contributing with City holding out to win the set 25/18.
Dundee switched their rotation and started to make an impression and had a 14/12 lead
with net blocks and points in the counterattack. Two runs of points gave Dundee a 21/15 lead
and then a series of poor points allowed the home side back into the game and they stole
the set 25/23 as unforced errors proved costly for Dundee losing 3/0.

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