Left side ‘destroyer’ finishes off Dundee ladies

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Without two starting hitters it was going to be a tough task to halt the Aberdeen side sitting third in
the Premier League. It was a whirlwind start for the home team as they raced to a 12/1 lead. The
Dundee’s attack was having difficulty winning side-out points with Nicola McKenzie able to use her
power with some effect. The home side continued to dominate the set and won 25/8.

Dundee’s attack started to adjust to the function with Hannah Lawrie, Agnes Bednarek and Krystine
Shand all supporting McKenzie and had a 19/17 lead. Erin Cattanach had scored 2 service aces, but it
was the experienced Aberdeen attack that sneaked ahead to take the second set 26/24.
It was back to the weight of the Aberdeen power in set 3. The opening exchanges were close and
even with the score at 7/6 for the home side. An incredible run of 15 points took the score to 22/6.
The Dundee side struggled with the powerful serves and then a run of counter-attack scores left the
visitors trailing. A brief period of success for Dundee, with scores from Nicola McKenzie, Agnes
Bednarek and Emma Clarkson closed the gap but it was too late as the home side secured the set
25/13 to secure a 3/0 win.

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