Students pushed all the way in Edinburgh

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The ladies’ trip to Edinburgh University was equally frustrating as the men with both sides
scoring runs of points. Nicola McKenzie Dundee’s leading scorer with the student giving up
12 points in errors which kept Dundee’s score close. Neither side had a noticeable lead until
a run gave the students a set point at 24/17. A service ‘ace’ from Krystine Shand and a block

from Emma Clarkson closed the gap until an untidy play cost Dundee and the set was lost
The home side switched their setter and took a quick 6/0 lead as the Dundee ladies adjusted
to the change of pace. Dundee’s fightback was spirited but ran out of steam as the Uni side
moved to a 20/13 lead. Sarah Driscoll then won 4 points including a block with Krystine
Shand and the scores were level at 20/20. The Edinburgh side piled on the pressure and won
the next 5 points including 2 hitting errors from Dundee and 2 counterattacks to win the set
The third set started badly for Dundee as they found themselves down 10/1 before two
excellent runs of points hauled them closer to 12/14. Sarah Driscoll and Nicola McKenzie
both scored well and points from Hannah Lawrie and Kyla Fong contributed to the total.
Two service ‘aces’ from Emma Clarkson and a big hit from Hannah Lawrie brought the
scores closer. Both sides traded point for point until 2 mistakes and 2 points in
counterattack gave the set and the game to the university side 25/21 and a 3/0 win.

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