Comfortable win against Glasgow International lift Dundee up to fifth!

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Dundee’s ladies were up against Glasgow International, out to avenge a 3/1 defeat in Dundee in October, taking a 14/8 lead in the first set.  The visitors were struggling to find their rhythm and only Sarah Driscoll and Natalia Stopowska were able to score, allowing the home side to win the set 25/17.  Danila Gasperini and Sarah Driscoll then combined to establish a 15/9 lead with both service and attack points.  The Lenzie side with former player, Hannah Lawrie, causing problems, came back strongly and took a 21/20 lead.  Dundee’s three big scorers, Driscoll, Stopowska and Gasperini, again came to the fore and helped level the game, finally winning the set 25/23.

The game became frantic as neither side could gain a significant lead.  A Lucy Wishart service ‘ace’ and a deep hit from Claire Pollock gave Dundee the crucial 23/21 lead.  A short service by Agnes Bednarek caused panic in the Lenzie team and an easy return allowed a big hit from Sarah Driscoll to win the set and take a 2/1 lead, winning 25/22.  All six Dundee players then scored points in set four as they raced to a 14/6 lead.  The home side suffered as Dundee controlled the ball better and moved smoothly to 24/18, holding six match points.  A dose of nerves rippled through the visitors but Pollock and Bednarek combined to win the final point, securing the set 25/22 and moving Dundee out of the bottom three in the league.


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