Despair as ladies loose out in five set thriller

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The ladies hosted NUVOC and were hoping to reverse the 3/1 defeat earlier in the season in Edinburgh.  Sarah Driscoll was the main points winner in the first set against a tall athletic side.  Dundee’s control in defence allowed them to score in counter attack and, with additional scores from Hannah Lawrie, Lucy Wishart and Agnes Bednarek, they missed out on the set 21/25.  Dundee’s control and counter attack caused the NUVOC side problems.  The home side forced the game with their accurate hitting and took the set 26/24 with a run of 3 points from 23/24 down.  The final point a score block from Sarah Driscoll. 

A run of 6 points at the start of the third set from the serve of Ting Yi Wong gave the home side an early advantage. Points from Driscoll, Laura Ward and Lana Edgar helped Dundee into a 21/12 lead.  Despite a mini fightback from NUVOC Dundee took the set 25/17.  The visitors came back strongly in the fourth set and managed to win two runs of points to level the game at 2 sets each winning 25/17.

As both sides tired it was the side that made the least mistakes that would have the advantage.   Lana Edgar and Sarah Driscoll kept their side in the set as they changed ends at 8/7 in the lead.  NUVOC turned on the power with a run of serves that gave them the ball back without any power and accuracy.  They scored in counterattack and won the set 15/10 and the match 3 sets to 2.

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