Men Jet away with win in Edinburgh

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Dundee’s men made an early morning trip to Edinburgh to take on Jets in their Premier Division game and recorded their first 3/0 win of the season. The Dundee side started off with a run of 8 points as they pushed the Jets side into slow attacks and mistakes. Scores from Rad Marinov, Oz Dowie and Lewis Crockart took the score to 12/3 for Dundee. Big hits from Mike Coward and Tony Gadzhev moved the score onto 19/9. The momentum was maintained, and Dundee won the set comfortably, 25/16.

The second set started again with a run of points from Dundee with Gadzhev, Marinov and Javier Suquia all scoring to take an early lead at 9/4. The home side were unable to make an impression on Dundee’s defence but scored 5 break points. It had little effect as their error count increased, helping Dundee to a 21/15 lead. Two scores from substitute Bartosz Zywert followed by a net block from Suquia and Lewis Goor gave the visitors the set 25/19 for a 2/0 lead.

The home side were more careful at the start of the third set, reducing their mistakes and starting to win points and keep the scores close. Mike Coward and Oz Dowie took the score to 13/11 then Gadzhev added a further 3 points to help the scoring. There was some resistance from Jets as they scored with 3 net blocks and 2 points in counter-attack. Mike Coward had the final say in the game as he scored the last point for Dundee to win 25/23 and secure a second win of the season.

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