Mets overrun in quick time

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National Volleyball League games returned to Craigie High School again last Saturday with teams from the west providing opposition.  First up were the men against Glasgow Mets ll and the home side wasted no time in stamping their authority on the game.  Mike Coward was the big point scorer as Dundee raced to a 15/7 lead.  Two errors gave the Mets side a glimpse of hope but scores from Lewis Crockart and Kevin Chisholm re-established the lead at 18/9.  A service mistake and then 3 more gave Dundee a 22/10 lead and Rad Marinov, then Crockart, then Coward, secured the points to with the set 25/10.

Dundee continued to control the game with Tony Gadzhev and James McNeill joining the action and runs of points gave the home side a 17/10 lead.  Lewis Crockart went to the service line and his service which scored 3 ‘aces’, coupled with counter attack hits from Gadzhev, and Rad Marinov gave the set 25/12 to Dundee.

The third set disappeared just as swiftly with Dundee in control taking a 13/7 lead with Gadzhev and Aus Dowie leading the way.  Rad Marinov went to serve and with scores from his service, hits from Gadzhev and net blocks from Dave Bonnar and an incredible one hand block from Mike Coward gave Dundee a 21/8 lead. Dundee’s big hitters Mike Coward and Tony Gadzhev finished off the set winning 25/12 for a 3/0 win to lift the team to the top of League 1.

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