Natalia Stars with 28 Points Against Cale West II

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Dundee’s ladies side scored anther fine 3/0win over Caledonia West II in league 1 in Craigie High School.  Both sides traded pints early in the first set with Natalia Stopowska and Lucy Wishart both scoring with hits in counter-attack and service to build up a 14/9 lead.  The young Cale side then scored several points to bring the score closer to 15/14 for Dundee.  Stopowska then scored with a hit from the right side of the court.  She then went to the service line and scored a run of 5 points from her powerful serves.   She hit 2 more points and when Claire Pollock scored with a short service Dundee took the set 25/16.

Dundee’s momentum and control then evaporated, and they gifted the visitors 11 points in errors from their serves and poor control of their attacks.  Cale west had a 14/12 lead and were then gifted another 2 cheap points to lead 17/16.  Dundee’s response was to score 3 runs of points from Lucy Wishart, Agnes Bednarek and Natalia Stopowska.  Cale responded well with some great defence but Pauletta Talmon hit the winning shot to win the set 25/20.

The only consolation in the third set for the young Ayrshire side was to score 3 points from their serve and 5 from their off-speed attacks.  Ten points from Natalia Stopowska and 2 each from Pauletta Talmon, Agnes Bednarek and Claire Pollock gave Dundee the set 25/16 with minimum effort.

(Game date 02/02/19)

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