New Year Joy as Edinburgh are Overrun

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It was two wins for Dundee sides last Saturday in League 1 of the National Leagues.  The ladies had an early start in South Queensferry against the young and inexperienced City of Edinburgh ll side.  Dundee raced to an 8/1 lead with scores from Carol Lane’s service, Pauletta Talmon and Natalia Stopowska.  The lead was eroded quickly as 3 service errors and 2 hitting mistakes allowed the Edinburgh side to close the gap to 10/9.  Lucy Wishart then burst into the game with a score block and a counter-attack point.  She then scored 2 service aces as Dundee took a 20/11 lead.  Natalia Stopowska helped take the team to set point before Agnes Bednarek won the set with a smart cross court hit.

The home side found some rhythm in the second set and challenged Dundee all the way through the set.  Neither side was able to be more than 2 points clear until Carol Lane scored a point to give the visitors a 20/17 lead.  A run of 3 errors by the Edinburgh side then 2 scores by Stopowska gave Dundee the set 25/20.  Despite taking a 5/1 lead in the third set, the home side then collapsed with Natalia Stopowska scoring 9 points for 15 as Dundee strode into a 16/7 lead.  Pauletta Talmon then took the score to match point with 5 points from serve and counter-attack.  Lucy Wishart then finished off the game with a scoring hit to win 25/11 for a 3/0 win.

(Game date 19/01/2019)

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