Play-off thriller defeat and heartache for men

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Dundee’s men travelled to Dundee University ISE in Old Hawkhill for their play-off quarter final against NUVOC from Edinburgh. The NUVOC side used the Dundee venue for their home game, with several players attending the alumni weekend at the University. It was the ‘visitors’ who took an early lead halfway through the first set. Both teams settled down and traded runs of points, reaching 9/8 in Dundee’s favour. Tony Gadzhev then added 4 points with big hits from the left side of the court and Javier Suquia served an ace to take a 16/9 lead. Dundee kept their noses in front with Gadzhev scoring most of Dundee’s points and they won the set 25/23.

The second set was equally close with neither side able to open up any notable lead. At 21/21 NUVOC scored 2 points to lead 23/21, Dundee came back to 23/23 with a clever score by Lewis Goor. A service error and a hit narrowly out the side handed the set to NUVOC 25/23.

Both sides attacked the third set and scored runs of points. NUVOC had a 4/0 lead, Dundee came back at 6/7, NUVOC led 18/14 but Dundee fought back to level at 18/18. A bump in the road proved costly for Dundee with NUVOC shutting down the Dundee attack with 2 net blocks and 2 counter attacks to take the set 25/19.

Dundee stormed back in the fourth set opening up a lead at 21/11 with Rad Marinov, Javier Suquia and Mike Coward all contributing to the points tally. A convincing and morale-boosting win soon disappeared as the ‘home side’ clawed their way back to close the gap to 24/21. Lewis Crockart hit the winning shot to secure the set 25/21.

The fifth set started with NUVOC on fire as they raced to a 7/1 lead! Dundee’s response was through Gadzhev and Bartosz Zywert, but it was too late with NUVOC winning the set 15/10 and the match 3/2. Dundee now play Aberdeen away from home in the losers’ semi-final later this month.

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