Premier spot retained with win over Lenzie

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Dundee’s men escaped relegation from the Premier Division with a comfortable 3/0 win over Lenzie last Saturday in Craigie High School. There was some apprehension before the game as defensive specialist, Mark Donnachie, was held up with a puncture on his way from Glasgow. He arrived just in time to help the home side control the Lenzie attack as Dundee took a 13/9 lead. Michal Kowalski, playing his last game for the Club, was the main points scorer in the early exchanges. Dundee’s service, especially from Javier Suquia, was upsetting the visitor’s ability to attack and Dundee led 19/15. Three serve errors and a scoring block gifted points to Lenzie as they closed the score to 21/20. The home side eased over the finish line of set one with a run of 4 points to take the set 25/21.

Dundee continued to control the game in the second set with Javier Suquia, Tony Gadzhev and Dave Bonnar all scoring points to lead 15/9. Three points given away from a wobble gave the League One visitors hope at 13/15. Dundee then took control with Kowalski and Gadzhev piling on the points, allowing the home side to take the second set 25/14 with ease. In the third set, Lewis Crockart and Bart Zywert joined the action and pushed the score to 11/6. The home side were always in control and scored with ease as Lenzie struggled at the net against the height of the Dundee ‘block’. Tony Gadzhev and Bart Zywert scored with big outside hits then Javier Suquia scored 2 service ‘aces’ to keep the home side ahead. As the win came closer, there were mistakes from Dundee as they tried to speed up the play and add power. It was too much of a gap to close for Lenzie and Bart Zywert hit the winning point to secure the 3/0 victory, bringing relief as their Premier Division status was secured for next season.

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