Ragazzi waltz to league win

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Dundee’s men suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of City of Glasgow Ragazzi when they crashed 3/0 last Saturday. The opening set started with promise as Tony Gadzhev scored 2 points from his service, then 2 points from counterattacks. Oz Dowie and Lewis Crockart added points as Dundee took a 12/7 lead. Ragazzi stormed back and showed a ruthless streak, winning 8 points to Dundee’s 2. Javier Suquia added points with scoring blocks and a quick attack as the home side edged in front, 17/16. Bartosz Zywert made a service error, then scored 2 service aces before Gadzhev took the score to 22/19. A controversial refereeing call changed the momentum when the line judge was overruled, allowing Ragazzi to win the point and level at 22/22. Two scoring blocks gave the Glasgow side the set 25/23.

Dundee had lost their momentum and rhythm as Ragazzi stormed through the second set in quick time. They took a 10/3 lead and moved on to 20/10 and finally, with little resistance, powered their way to 25/12 to take the second set. The third set was more competitive with Gadzhev and Crockart both scoring well for Dundee, and they were in the set at 8/11. Powerful jump serves then won several points for the visitors as they secured 3 runs of points. Any chance of a comeback was gone as the Dundee attack surrendered with 4 errors to allow Ragazzi to win the set 25/14 for a 3/0 victory.

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