Scottish Cup second-round battle against Edinburgh Jets 2

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Edinburgh Jets 2 were the visitors to Craigie High School last Saturday for a third-round men’s
Scottish Cup tie. The home side wasted no time in stamping their authority over the League One side
as they raced to an 8/2 lead with scores from Sam Jones and Bartosz Zywert. The visitors scored
another point before 3 errors gifted Dundee cheap points. Lewis Crockart was at the service line and
points from him, Zywert, and Pim Wallenberg took the score to 20/3. A series of 4 service errors in a
row, with 2 from each side, did little to reduce the pressure on the visitors as Tony Gadzhev hit the
winning shot to win the set 25/5.
It was a repeat into the next set with Tony Gadzhev and Pim Wallenberg dominating the game. Both
scored runs of points as Dundee strolled to a 15/2 lead. Sam Jones weighed in with 3 scoring blocks
and again Gadzhev was involved as the home side moved to set point at 24/5. Wallenberg used his
huge 6’7” frame to score the block point for another 25/5 win.
The third set started in familiar fashion as Dundee moved to an 11/4 lead with Zywert and Gadzhev
the main scorers. Jets were starting to adjust to the speed of the games as they scored side-out
points and closed the gap to 12/22. A run of 5 points and a sequence of hitting errors allowed Jets to
move on to 20 points before Dundee’s power took them over the finish line winning 25/20. The 3/0
win gives Dundee a quarter-final tie, away to Premier League side South Ayrshire.

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