Smooth play leads to change of fortune against noisy Jets

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The ladies side recorded another fine win in their League 1 game against Edinburgh Jets ll.  The noisy visitors took an early lead in the opening set, causing problems with their service and clever attacks.   Dundee’s hopes centred round Natalia Stopowska and Sarah Driscoll as they tried to fight their way back into the set.  Both scored points but the set slipped away 21/25 to Jets.  Both sides traded points in the second set until 15/15 when Lana Edgar scored 2 points from her service to give the home side their first lead in the game.  Stopowska and Danila Gasperini took the score to 21/18 and the home side saw out the set, forcing Jets into mistakes from Lucy Wishart’s service, winning 25/18.

The home side were in control with Natalia Stopowska in unstoppable form as she scored 10 points in attack.  Sarah Driscoll added another 6 and Dundee took the set 25/20.  The fourth set was similar with the home side in control, with all 6 players on court scoring points.  Stopowska and Driscoll were to the fore but Gasperini, Lana Edgar and Lucy Wishart made a contribution to win 25/20, lifting them to fourth place in the league.

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