Storming fightback from Ladies as Jet power extinguished

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The ladies travelled to Edinburgh to take on Jets ll who were sitting in second place in League 1.  The Jets stormed through the first set with some dominating serves that caused uncertainty in the Dundee ranks.  Natalia Stopowska and Sarah Driscoll worked hard at the net to find gaps to score but the experienced Jets took the set easily 25/14.  The second set was interrupted by a fire alarm and after the evacuation, Dundee found their rhythm.  Two points from the services from Sarah Driscoll and Agnes Bednarek gave the visitors a slender lead but the home side managed to ease over the line to win 25/23.  Dundee’s big hitters then took control of the third set, with both Stopowska and Driscoll scoring well.  Lucy Wishart then used her pinpoint serving to slow down the home attack and both Lana Edgar and Claire Pollock scored net blocks as Dundee took the set 27/25.  The momentum had swung in Dundee’s favour as they took an early 2-point lead in the fourth set and from 22/21 down, the Wishart serve helped level the game before Dundee won 25/22.

Her serve then caused havoc at the start of the final set as Dundee took a 7/0 lead.  The Jets were able to reduce the deficit to 2 points.  Lana Edgar then scored a big hit to win the final point, securing a 15/13 victory and starting wild celebrations!



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