Students over run by ‘top of the form’ Dundee (24/11/17)

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Edinburgh University ll were the visitors in the ladies game and found the home side in devastating form.  The Dundee girls were in such control that they won 21 of the 25 points in a 25/9 win.  Lana Edgar, Danila Gasperini and Lucy Wishart were the big points’ winners as they dealt with the students’ attack with ease.  The second set was slow to get started as the stubborn students fought back holding onto the home side at 9/12.  Nic McKenzie and Natalia Stopowska were too strong at the net and started to score at will and Claire Pollock finished the set with 2 points in counter-attack to take the set 25/15.

From an encouraging start for the students as they were level at 5/5, it was a speedy run of points that took the score to 15/6.  Nic McKenzie then hit a run of 3 points and with middle hitters, Lana Edgar and Danila Gasperini, scoring freely, Dundee took the set 25/10 for an impressive 3/0 win.

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