Students take round one of Scottish Cup

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It was mixed results again for Dundee’s teams.  The ladies side travelled to St Andrews to take on the student in round two of the Scottish Cup.  With another unsettled team due to holidays and work, and no recognised playmaking setter, they found the going tough in the opening set.  The home side scored 3 runs of 4 points to race to an 18/12 lead.  Scores from Sarah Driscoll and Agnes Bednarek help keep within reach of the students but as both sides traded points it was the St Andrews side that took the set 25/15.                                               

A change in formation by Coach Aus Dowie settled the side and they were able to win points and stay close to the students at 9/12. Despite a run of 5 points it was the students who forged ahead with a run of points to take the second set 25/13.  Carol Lane and Lana Edgar scored points in the third set as they found holes in the home defence.  The students responded with power plays from the left side of the court.  Clever hitting from Laura Ward and Pauletta Talmon hauled Dundee to 15/17.  Again, a run of power plays proved crucial as the students closed out the set to win the game 3 sets to 0.

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