Sunday morning stroll for men in Glasgow

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The men had an early start in Glasgow on Sunday against Mets and, without starters Mike Coward and Mark Donnachie, pushed ahead in the first set to lead 15/5.  Tony Gadzhev and Kevin Chisholm were in top form and caused the home side problems with their power hitting.  Dundee pulled ahead to 21/11 as Rad Marinov joined in the scoring with 2 scores as Dundee took the set 25/17.  The home side were determined and fought hard in defence in the second set but James McNeil, Lewis Crockart and Rad Marinov all scored to give Dundee a 16/11 lead.  The game turned ugly as the Mets side disputed several line calls.  This disrupted Dundee’s rhythm and Mets closed the gap to 17/21.  Marinov and Gadzhev both scored 2 points each and when Aus Dowie hit an overpass to give Dundee set point the set looked won.  The Mets side won the service back and then 3 errors from Dundee gave the home side hope as they came close at 22/24.  A smart hit from Lewis Crockart gave Dundee the set 25/22.

The third set started with another disputed call and ended up with a penalty point against the Mets side for protesting inappropriately.  This indiscipline left them down 3/8 and it took some unorthodox play to get them back into the set at 12/12.  A hitting error by Gadzhev gave the home side a 14/12 lead.  Oz Dowie won the service back with a quick combination with Iain Cook to take the score to 13/14 down.  Gadzhev then redeemed himself as he took the score to 24/14 with a run of 11 points!  He scored 4 service ‘aces’,  Marinov and Chisholm scored in counter attack and with 5 errors from the home side Dundee raced to match point.  The game ended tamely with 2 service errors and Dundee took the set 25/15 to win 3 set to 0.

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